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The centre gives membership to women only. It is a compulsion to bring one PP sized photo and a photocopy of citizenship card for membership. If the objectives of the organization are agreed to, one can apply for membership. The working committee will decide whether or not to provide membership. The membership fee is Rs.100 and it has to be renewed every year with a fee of Rs.20. Since from the established date, the centre has 1900 members and has been conducting various programs which are as follows.

1. Energetic Women Savings and Credit Program  

The center considers economic aspect as a fundamental aspect of development and progress of women. To improve the economic condition, recognizing micro credit as an important tool, this center has launched “Energetic Women Saving & Credit Program” as its first program. Considering the vital role women play in economic development of the country, the long-term target of this program is to improve the economic condition of women through their own effort.

The program establish networks among women and aware them of their economic conditions through information sharing regarding benefits of saving, support the member women with loans without collateral, manage the fund through different saving schemes and invest on productive as well as social activities. For the financial transactions we use the international software called The FAO-GTZ Micro Banking System from the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization and German Cooperation Agency

2. Energetic Women Income Generation Program

This program was launched to empower the members of the center by providing various income generating opportunities through their own skills. The program enhances the capability of the members for self employment and income generation. While doing so the center identifies various skills amongst its members and helps the members to utilize the skills to generate income.

This program assists women to earn money using their own skills, help them to produce marketable production and similarly, we help to find appropriate markets, provide counseling to the members so that they can produce saleable items.


3.         Energetic Women Girl Child Scholarship Program 

Following a popular quotation “One educated men, educate himself but one educated women educate not only herself but also her family”, this center has launched a program on Girls Child education. The program focuses to reduce the differences between men and women regarding socio-economic status, ownership, legal rights and decision-making, through the education.

This program encourage the members and support them in sending their girl child to school for education so that their future would be secured in terms of socio-economic point of view. The program distribute and collect the application forms from interested members, investigate the social and economical condition of the participants by household survey, select needy but capable girl children and provide them scholarship. The scholarship is effective from the month of April. After the child is selected, NRs.300 to NRs.700 will be provided depending upon the grade of the child for school fee and NRs.100 for yearly other educational expenses. In addition, NRs.100 per month will be deposited in child’s name as future Education fund until the scholarship ends. So far our organization has been able to continuing sponsor eight children.

4. Energetic Women Empowerment Program 

A skilled and educated woman in different development sectors is as important as man in this world. There should be such environment for women to be self dependent, self sufficient and be empowered so that they can respect themselves. We must try to accomplish this by providing training & skills, utilizing their talents and conducting awareness programs among them. There must be different types of training and awareness programs to help them to find employment or to start a self-employed business for disadvantaged and poor women. We must keep in mind that “If the girl member of the family is literate & skilled then whole family will be literate”. Women’s qualification plays the vital role in country development. Realizing this fact of women’s situation of opportunities and constraints, the center thereby focuses to empower the women and include them in the mainstream of development activities and has launched a program named, “Energetic Women Empowerment Program” from Baishak 2058 B.S onwards.

The program motivate women towards self-reliant in terms of finances and income generating activities by providing essential training, organizing different awareness programs and grooming thereby making them capable to increase the opportunities towards employment. It also makes commencement of employment opportunities after the training from joint effort of the center and women herself.

5. Energetic Women Emergency Fund Program

In our society, in whatever conditions, women always give first importance to the welfare of her family including her husband and children. They are always prepared to face any such times of happiness, sadness, success and problems of the family. Women especially the housewives are always concerned in solving the problems of their families. However, they cannot support their family during times of troubles, as they aren’t economically strong and sound. Hence the center primarily focuses on respecting the women’s roles, sacrifice and valuable times for their families and which develops various support programs generally for its members since its inception has initiated Energetic Women Emergency Fund Program from 2062 B.S. Through this Fund program, the needy member women can help herself and her family member during times of troubles by some amount.

In this program we suggest interested members to donate Rs.20 per month. After one year, they are entitled to get maximum Rs.3, 000 for emergency cases like; death of the member herself, father/mother, unmarried siblings, father/mother in law, husband (divorced or separated are ineligible), and unmarried children, fire in member’s house, theft in member’s house, accident of the member, if member has chronic diseases, delivery of  the member.

6. Energetic Women Clothes Collection and Distribution Program

 Fulfilling the basic needs of life i.e. Food, cloth and shelter are the ultimate goal of human life. So clothing cannot be ignored. The center believes that just by reusing the old clothes, the problem of clothing can be solved by a very large extent without major investment. It fulfills one of the basic needs of mankind. The center initiated this program from 2062 B.S. onwards.

The program will collect the already used clothes that are in good shape to be reused from the member women and her family. After collection, the management of clothes will be done like; washing, ironing and packing so that it can fulfill the demand of clothes by charging a nominal amount such as Rs.5 to Rs.30 during festival time and winter  to the needy members as well as needy people. The collected amount from this program will be donated to the Energetic Women Emergency Fund Program.

7. Sponsorship Program Supported by canhelp, Australia

 The Socio Economic Welfare Center for Energetic Women is administrating sponsorship program supported by canhelp, Australia. The canhelp, Australia has been a great help to many needy children and their families in Nepal and Cambodia. The canhelp, Australia is an NGO in Australia where people from different arenas are involved to provide sponsorship for the education of the children in these countries and opening doors to better opportunities and a good future for them.

The Sponsorship is effective from the month of April and October. EWC will pay upto Nrs 700 per child/ month directly at the end of each quarter to the school. The canhelp, Australia and EWC have allocated a pool of funds for direct assistance to mothers of children of school age. Funds will be provided, in certain circumstances, for purchase of essential school resources such that a child may commence schooling or continue with their education.

Some mothers have extreme difficulty buying necessary school items for their children, particularly at the start of a new school session. Examples of such necessary school resources are uniforms, books, special school fees (entrance, admission, examination fees, etc.) books, school clothes, etc. Mothers from within the EWC community may apply to EWC.  Each application will be assessed on its merits by EWC social workers.  Funds may be granted to exceptionally needy mothers within the community to ensure that children do not miss receiving an education for the want of school necessities.

If you have any queries about the organization, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do hope to get your response as soonest.